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AMTECH MEDICAL detail contact vendor

Call Amtech Medical for pricing or more information on Hydrocolloid Dressings and all other related products; Freephone 0800 268 324, Email, or view our website

CAPES MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD detail contact vendor
If it is Medical Capes can Supply Ph. 0800 18 19 19

CONVATEC (New Zealand) Ltd. detail contact vendor
DuoDERM CGF, DuoDERM Signal, DuoDERM Extra Thin,, DuoDERM Hydroactive Gel

Bringing healing and gentleness together, DuoDERM, the world's first hydrocolloid dressing - pioneered moist wound healing and dramatically changed how wounds are cared for. DuoDERM contineus to provide clinically proven dressings with innovative features to maximise patient comfort and provide superior outcomes.

For further information call ConvaTec on
0800 441 763 or (09) 306 8833

UNIVERSAL SPECIALITIES LTD. detail contact vendor
    Comfeel Plus Transparent
An optimal post-operative dressing, also suitable for primary skin protection and superficial or low exudating wounds. Transparent to allow for continuous monitoring of skin integrity with high permeability for moisture management, reducing the risk of maceration. Waterproof with up to 7 days wear time.

UNIVERSAL SPECIALITIES LTD. detail contact vendor
    Comfeel Ulcer, Comfeel Plus Ulcer
Comfeel Ulcer: For low to moderate exudate management. Suitable for use on leg ulcers, stage 1 and 2 pressure ulcers and minor burns/abrasions. Enhanced moisture management with 7% alginate blend added. Water resistant with up to 7 days wear time.
Comfeel Plus Ulcer: Provides superior exudate handling capacity, increased wear time and improved adhesion for low to moderately exudating wounds.

UNIVERSAL SPECIALITIES LTD. detail contact vendor
Hydrocoll is thin, translucent, hydrocolloid dressing designed for managing necrotic and sloughy wounds. It can be left in place for 5-7 days. It is available in a range of shapes and sizes.
Contact our friendly Customer Service Team: Akld 0800 658 814 or Chch 0800 804 546 for further information.

WellSpect Low Pressure Drains
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