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BSN medical Limited detail contact vendor
Offering clinicians a significant range of dressings for all clinical applications. As well as a range of Dressing packs tailored to meet most dressing treatment needs - standard wound, eye, through to customised. Manufactured under ISO9001 conditions.

SPOTLESS HEALTHCARE SUPPLY detail contact vendor
    Abundance, Premid
High quality range of wound care, Non-woven combine dressing, Multi trauma dressing, Non-Adherent Absorbent dressing. Sterile and non sterile

UNIVERSAL SPECIALITIES LTD. detail contact vendor
    Biatain, Comfeel, Alione, SeaSorb, Purilon
Whichever wound care path you take, Coloplast is innovating new ways of getting there. New designs, superior exudate management, optimal healing. USL Medical is proud to be supplying Coloplast Wound Care products. For more information, please contact your local Key Account Manager or Customer Services on 0800 658 814.

Eclipse Wet Wound Dressing
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